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A Peaceful Path‚Äč

Sound Bath Meditations! The simplest way of communicating with the cells is through vibration. External vibrations cause a sympathetic resonance in the cells. When you are listening to music or to singing bowls, when you are singing mantras or resting in the silence of your brain, on the border between sleep and consciousness, every cell has the possibility of transforming awareness and increasing well-being. In fact, sound radiates from, and off of you, like echoes across a valley, radiating far distances. Music is a sacred universal force that has been treated with great reverence since the beginning of time.

On a soft mat or zero gravity chair in a resting position, your body will have the opportunity to absorb the gentle healing vibrations from singing bowls, gongs, drums, and various other relaxing instruments, affecting you at the very cellular depth of your soul. As they wrap around you, these vibrations enable you to work on your own spiritual consciousness, experience an inner beauty, and reach a feeling of bliss and total healing relaxation. Group sessions are offered at different times during the month. Due to the popularity of our Sound Baths, we suggest that you call ahead to reserve your space. We also offer private appointment sessions for up to 3 clients at the time. See our Event page for full details.



Bohn has received a Foundation Certification in Sound Therapy through the Sound Healing Academy International in Cornwall, UK and is currently pursuing a Diploma in Sound Therapy.